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guise…guise..he…dropped the shades




let cranking the bass begin


There is such a freaking double standard - the members of Suju leave for nearly two years because of army service and are able to come back without a problem. Fine, i know its the law but why can’t Jessica do the same? In two years, if full time, she can easily get a degree - fashion degrees aren’t all four years. In two years, the business could have settled down because she would probably have hired people to help her run it so she has time to promote again. In two years, she could have married and even have a child and then still have time to get back in shape and then promote again. Why wasn’t she granted this hiatus and instead just dropped from SNSD all together ?!?!? It’s not like her fans are going anywhere, they can wait just as ELFs did for Kangin, Heechul, Leetuek and now Yesung!!

If there’s a bigger reason, we’re not getting told what it is. Is SM so used to being in a bad light they don’t care anymore?

Welp, SuJu members aint making any profit out of going to the army, but Jessica will get money out of her brand. Just for her. How dare she do anything in her life without sharing profit with SM and the rest of the members?! After all, its their belief that they made Jessica, they think they own her and her image, with their money, their training, their group. So of course they cant forgive her now that she decides to do something that wont give them their share, they wont stand it. Its a fucked up logic, that one. Invest in a human being and restricts their freedom in order to keep her making money for you forever. Sure, do solo, but make sure you gives us our money money.

And because of contracts significantly improve for the artist when they renew them, poor harrasSMENT cant do anything to stop her now. Except, you know, shed her image into tears. Just wait for it. SM is a pro in doing so. 


*waits for sm to pull a relationship, comeback, or group to debut out of their ass*

which do you think it’ll be this time guys?



Yifan looks so cute with his snapback ( ^◡^)

So cute! Where are you going little boy? I got candy for you. Come with me.

Y’all are scary sometimes

140930 Many people asked who Wu Yi Fan was! We fans replied that he was a pop star and movie star^^ | cr: 笨解解愛蔚藍天空 , wu_yi_fan
140930 Many people asked who Wu Yi Fan was! We fans replied that he was a pop star and movie star^^ | cr: 笨解解愛蔚藍天空 , wu_yi_fan


Wu Yifan gives me such a complex.

Sometimes I just want to be his best friend and shopping buddy that begs him to buy my overpriced drinks even though he knows I can pay for it myself and helps me to speak Mandarin and Cantonese so I can get better and basically just cuddle when I am having an off day

And other times I want him to bend me over and fuck me on a table or desk or anything that will make me have bruises in the morning while I call him daddy.

Do you see my struggle

Why not both? ;D

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You guys seriously have to read this. I was on Urban Dictionary and somehow came across EXO and yeah…I ended up on Kris definition. I’ve been laughing non-stop for the past few minutes and thought I’d share my own disease.



My fave was “Slang for a even bigger cock than a Chris.”

We all know how this goes


  • Everyone supports original OT(#)
  • Official statement doesn’t get made until hours later
  • Fans rally together and want to burn down the company
  • Group members get emotional
  • Fans get emotional for their own bias
  • Fans begin to resent person in question
  • 75% of the fandom begins to bash person in question
  • OT(-) loses one less member according to angry fans, tries to erase their existence completely

Completely accurate

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TVXQ  ➜ Jaejoong, Yoochun & Junsu

Super Junioor ➜ Hangeng

EXO ➜ Kris

f(x) ➜ Sulli

SNSD ➜ Jessica

SM, get your shit together and stop ruining your artists.

The things is SM sees them as idols, not humans or artists :/

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